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Seek&Blastn Detector

The problematic papers tabulated on this page were flagged by Seek&Blastn and reported in the following articles:

📄 Park, Y., West, R.A., Pathmendra, P., Favier, B., Stoeger, T., Capes-Davis, A., Cabanac, G., Labbé, C., Byrne, J.A. (2022).
Identification of human gene research articles with wrongly identified nucleotide sequences.
Life Science Alliance., 5(4), e202101203.
▷ Featured in Nature (Else, 2022)

📄 Byrne, J.A., Park, Y., West, R.A., Capes-Davis, A., Favier, B., Cabanac, G., Labbé, C. (2021).
The thin ret(raction) line: biomedical journal responses to incorrect non-targeting nucleotide sequence reagents in human gene knockdown publications.
Scientometrics., 126(4), 3513–3534.

📄 Labbé, C., Cabanac, G., West, R.A., Gauthier, T., Favier, B., Byrne, J.A. (2020).
Flagging incorrect nucleotide sequence reagents in biomedical papers: To what extent does the leading publication format impede automatic error detection?
Scientometrics., 124(2), 1139–1156.

📄 Labbé, C., Grima, N., Gauthier, T., Favier, B., Byrne, J.A. (2019).
Semi-automated fact-checking of nucleotide sequence reagents in biomedical research publications: The Seek & Blastn tool.
PLoS ONE., 14(3), e0213266.

📄 Byrne, J.A., Labbé, C. (2017).
Striking similarities between publications from China describing single gene knockdown experiments in human cancer cell lines.
Scientometrics., 110(3), 1471–1493.

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YearDoctypePublisherVenueTitleCitationsAltmetricDOITipsDescendingCorpus from Published PapersAssessorPubPeer Users
2016articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsmiR-145 suppresses colorectal cancer cell migration and invasion by targeting an ETS-related gene34010.3892/or.2016.50422LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_miR-145LSA2022
2017articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsUSP39 promotes colorectal cancer growth and metastasis through the Wnt/β-catenin pathway30010.3892/or.2017.54542LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2016articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsMYO6 knockdown inhibits the growth and induces the apoptosis of prostate cancer cells by decreasing the phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and PRAS4028010.3892/or.2016.49102LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2014articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsKrüppel-like factor 8 involved in hypoxia promotes the invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer via epithelial to mesenchymal transition25110.3892/or.2014.34952LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2016articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsKnockdown of MACC1 expression increases cisplatin sensitivity in cisplatin-resistant epithelial ovarian cancer cells18110.3892/or.2016.45852LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2015articleInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental MedicineLentivirus-mediated TPD52L2 depletion inhibits the proliferation of liver cancer cells in vitro.902LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020Cabanac
2017articleElsevierGeneICT1 predicts a poor survival and correlated with cell proliferation in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma8110.1016/j.gene.2017.06.0282LSA2021_Gene • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2015articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsLentivirus-mediated gene silencing of NOB1 suppresses non-small cell lung cancer cell proliferation5010.3892/or.2015.41322LSA2022_OR • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022
2015articleInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental MedicineLentivirus-Mediated knockdown of tectonic family member 1 inhibits medulloblastoma cell proliferation.412LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020Cabanac
2018articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsmiR-199a-3p enhances cisplatin sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells by targeting ITGB867110.3892/or.2018.62592LSA2022_G+C • LSA2022_ORLSA2022Eleutherodactylus Griphus, Gerris Caucasicus
2015articleXMLinkJournal of Breast CancerRETRACTED > Lentivirus-Mediated Short-Hairpin RNA Targeting Protein Phosphatase 4 Regulatory Subunit 1 Inhibits Growth in Breast Cancer2110.4048/jbc.2015.18.3.2182LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020CabanacGnomoniopsis Chamaemori, SeekAndBlastn Operators
2017articleSpandidos PublicationsOncology ReportsOverexpression of miR-203 increases the sensitivity of NSCLC A549/H460 cell lines to cisplatin by targeting Dickkopf-119910.3892/or.2017.55052LSA2022_G+C • LSA2022_ORCabanacHoya Camphorifolia, Actinopolyspora Biskrensis
2014articleMary Ann LiebertCancer Biotherapy & RadiopharmaceuticalsRETRACTED > Ribosomal Protein S15A Augments Human Osteosarcoma Cell Proliferation In Vitro20010.1089/cbr.2014.16982LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020CabanacHoya Camphorifolia, SeekAndBlastn Operators
2014articleSpandidos PublicationsMolecular Medicine ReportsGene silencing of NOB1 by lentivirus suppresses growth and migration of human osteosarcoma cells12010.3892/mmr.2014.21192LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020Scientometrics2020Hoya Camphorifolia, SeekAndBlastn Operators, Euplectrus Philwardi
2015articleWileyBiotechnology and applied biochemistryG‐protein–coupled receptor 137 accelerates proliferation of urinary bladder cancer cells in vitro8110.1002/bab.13292Jennifer A. Byrne on PubPeer • LSA2022_SGKLSA2022Jennifer A. Byrne
2015articleWileyBiotechnology and applied biochemistryRETRACTED > RETRACTION: Knockdown of GPR137 by RNAi inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth and induces apoptosis15110.1002/bab.13262Jennifer A. Byrne on PubPeer • LSA2022_SGKCabanacJennifer A. Byrne, Cacao Yellow, Gerris Caucasicus, Xin Liu, Xingsong Tian
2015articleWileyBiotechnology and applied biochemistryRETRACTED > RETRACTION: Inhibition of protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) suppresses survival and growth of colorectal cancer cells11010.1002/bab.13082Jennifer A. Byrne on PubPeer • LSA2022_SGKCabanacJennifer A. Byrne, Gerris Caucasicus
2015articleWileyBiotechnology and applied biochemistryRETRACTED > RETRACTION: Inhibition of GPR137 suppresses proliferation of medulloblastoma cells in vitro9010.1002/bab.13312Jennifer A. Byrne on PubPeer • LSA2022_SGKCabanacJennifer A. Byrne, Gerris Caucasicus
2015articleSpringer NatureWorld Journal of Surgical OncologyReduced USP39 expression inhibits malignant proliferation of medullary thyroid carcinoma in vitro22010.1186/s12957-015-0669-42LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020Scientometrics2020SeekAndBlastn Operators
2014articleSpandidos PublicationsMolecular Medicine ReportsKLF8 knockdown suppresses proliferation and invasion in human osteosarcoma cells20010.3892/mmr.2014.20272LSA2022_SGK • Scientometrics2020Scientometrics2020SeekAndBlastn Operators
  • 1 - 20 of 791